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How great marketers humanize technology

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Google’s Super Bowl commercial received great reviews from laymen and professionals.  Why do so many people appreciate this ad? What can it teach us about marketing technology? What are other examples of the same approach?

The ad works because it’s not about the technology (features, platforms, etc.) It’s about something far more innate – the human experience. Google’s commercial works because it tells a story that connects to one of our most fundamental emotions – love. At the same time, unlike many other ads, it places the product in the middle of the story in a pivotal role. Bravo.

Google demonstrated how technology marketing doesn’t need to be just about the tech. Great marketers tell a story that resonates with their audience. They carefully weave the technology into the story, but the story is ultimately about the audience, their goals, their problems, and their ability to prevail (with the help of the product, of course).

There is another example, although a fictitious one, of a a technology humanized to resonate with our emotional side. In this short clip from Mad Men, Don Draper, one of the leading characters, humanizes a pitch of a new technology (that today has become obsolete) through nostalgia. Ironic isn’t it? Pitching new technology by looking back?  Take a look. We need to see more of this in the real world.

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